Monday, March 24, 2008

Ava's 1st Easter

I know it has taken me way too long to post our Easter pictures, but better late than never! I loved Ava's Easter dress, and the cute little smocked shoes just made the outfit. I really wanted to get a family picture, but there wasn't anyone around to take it and I haven't quite mastered the self timer :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adventure on the Road

So mine and Ava's favorite toy right now is the Jeep jogging stroller I got about 2 weeks ago at a consignment sale. It was normally $200, but I got it for $48 and it is basically brand new! Whoever owned it before me pretty much gave it away, bc if it's been used you can't even tell. My friend Rachel knew how much I wanted it, so she ended up talking this girl who had already claimed it into letting me have it. Thanks Rachel, I owe you one!

I love getting to run to the park by our house, its only about a mile away. I get a little exercise, and Ava gets a nap. Oakley gets to go with us too, and when she gets tired I let her ride in the basket underneath. The best part is the Ipod connector and speakers, so we can listen to music while we run. Fun for the whole fam!
Jenn, me and Rachel at the sale

Testing it out in the parking lot
Time to hit the road
Almost asleep, it won't take long!

Flower Child

Ava and I did a test run on her Easter oufit (otherwise I can almost guarantee we would be late for church in the morning :) , so we just went ahead tried on her flower outfit while we were at it. So cute! The ribbons on the shoes were a little too short to tie in a bow, but that's ok. Thanks Mimi and Papa for the precious dress, we love it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Debbie!

This weekend we went to dinner with some friends for Debbie's birthday. It was so much fun getting to go out with everyone together, and all adults! Sarah kept Ava and Bailey for us, and when we got home they were sound asleep!
Happy birthday, Debbie!

Chris and me
Matt & Jenn

Dane & Rachel
Brett & Debbie

Bare Booty!

Yesterday I decided to let Ava have a little diaper-free time, so she got to hang out on the waterproof sheet and play with her toys. She was there for about 30 minutes and the sheet didn't event get wet. What a good girl!